Photo of Stefan Gray - President

Stefan Gray

In 1985 Gray formed and co-partnered in GRAY/GOODMAN, INC., one of the fastest-growing talent and literary agencies in the industry at the time.

He has represented such talent as Academy Award Winner Quentin Tarantino, screenwriter/ director (Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Reservoir Dogs), Academy Award Nominee Christopher Devore, screenwriter (Hamlet, The Elephant Man), as well as producers Gordon Webb (Kindergarten Cop, Twins), Dennis Jones (Honey I Blew Up the Kids, Pacific Heights), Derek Kavanaugh (Dances with Wolves), Don Carmody (Gothika, Chicago).

Mr. Gray has been actively engaged with the packaging and sale of Mel Gibson's Hamlet, Pacific Heights and Beverly Hills Cop 2.

With over thirty years in the business, Mr. Gray has established contacts and personal relationships with Hollywood's top players.