List of WCFP owned and / or licensed projects.


Uprising poster

Musical (in production): Uprising is a new live musical action adventure love story in which Indiana Jones meets Romeo & Juliet in a mythical endangered rain forest. It takes the audience deep into the heart of that rain forest and into the lives of the magical people who call it home.


Action: An anti-terrorist agent hired to take down a crazed environmentalist keen on wiping out the heads of the world’s top industrial corporations learns that the so thought maniac on the loose is someone completely different.

The Devil’s Commandments

Horror/Comedy/Action: Diane Holloway didn’t realize she made a deal with the devil until he comes to collect his end of the bargain for years later, her daughter.

Divina Insidia

Thriller: A reporter and her family is drawn into the conspiracy of twelve Satan-worshipping families to wipe out six and a half billion of the world’s total population.

The Key

Thriller: A lawyer, inventor, and archeologist are compelled to unearth the ancient Key to the Netherworld to rescue an old friend. The quest plunges the trio into a myriad of dangerous and mysterious encounters at sacred locations around the world, yielding unexpected consequences.