Photo of Klay Shroedel - Chief Executive Officer

Klay Shroedel
Chief Executive Officer

Klay is the Chairman and CEO of WCFP as well as a founding member of Uprising Entertainment, Inc., with over 60 motion picture credits, including Terminator 3, Titanic, Star Wars, The Phantom Menace, The Fugitive, Independence Day, Jurassic Park III.

Klay has been responsible for the acquisition, marketing, sale and distribution of the classic Western "The Shadow Riders", starring Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott, which remained at the top of the US independent charts from September 06 until December 07.

He has negotiated and managed licensing agreements for Wishmaster I, II and III, The Substitute 2 and 3, Permanent Midnight, Belly, The Candyman III, and Suicide Kings.

Internationally he has produced music projects raging from the title track of the hit series Baywatch to the 1999 release of Survivor, and orchestrated the Bosnian Peace Concert with Michael Jackson to name a few. He successfully implemented master use, sync, broadcast, licensing and buy-out agreements for various entertainment based properties in Japan, China, the U.K., France, Italy and Russia.

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